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A Question of Will (The Aliomenti Saga, #1) - Alex Albrinck A meld of Sci-Fi meets dystopian world with secret Uebermensch societies.It is fairly complex and strewn with small details that often don't become relevant till much later.The main character is hunted and yet it remains unclear to a certain extent how innocent he really is. The book starts off with a race against time to save his wife and child. He is hunted by the Assassin and my favourite three musketeers, well known from the preque Hunting Will (The Aliomenti Saga - Prequel).The whole money/inheritance sub-plot was far too distanced from the rest of the story and a lot of the details were superfluous. Saying that, it might become important in the next book, which might explain the abruptness and unexplained ending of that particular sideline.I think the author needs to bring a little more emotional depth to the characters. At the moment they are quite cold and as a reader it is hard to relate to them on any level. The story went from strong to weak and then in the last quarter of the book the author kicked it up a notch or two and I can honestly say, without revealing any spoilers, that I didn't see that one coming.I can see Albrinck becoming someone to watch out for when he has ironed out the wrinkles and finetuned his craft a little more. He has some interesting ideas on a sci-fi brain bashing timeloop understanding level.