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Pierced - J.C. Mells Let me introduce you to Pierce, the main character, who lives in her head most of the time talking to herself and her compadres.You have the interaction of three individuals in the head of one. Mildred and Veda represent parts of her personality. Split personality without the extra personas being part of her exterior.Now that might sound complex if it weren't for the fact the author has made the three into a stand-up comedy team. They shoot jibes and quips at each other from various locations in her mind. It is a really well thought out storyline combined with the traumatic coping mechanisms of an abused individual.Add some strange supernatural powers to that mix and the affinity for food creation, which again is her way of coping, and you have one very memorable main character.The topic of abuse is handled in very realistic manner. The author has obviously done her research and it is a main key to the events that unfold. There is no use of gratuitous details just the cold bare facts of it.To temper the rough waters the author has added some eye-candy (book-candy) and a flurry of excentric, dominant and entertaining characters. They manage to keep the story from sliding into the painful darkness of memories.The last chapter ends the book with an exciting twist and the promise of a sequel. One that I most certainly will want to read.I received a free copy of this book for my review.