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Champion (Sanctuary, #3)

Champion (Sanctuary, #3) - Robert J. Crane This series has come a long way since I read the first two booksDefender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One andAvenger: 2 (Sanctuary).In this third part it becomes evident how the authors writing has evolved, his storytelling is more grounded and the plots flow really well.Indeed the beginning of this book we are taken back to events that transpire six years before. Although an epic fantasy, which hosts trolls, elves and rock giants, the author keeps it grounded and more believable rather than fantastical. It depicts battles, portals and assassins in a way that almost makes it feel like an alternate reality.Cyrus and Vara take a step closer towards each other and we learn more about the identity and secrets of Vara that are known amongst her kind, but not to outsiders.What I like most about this series is how the author shows us the strengths of friendship and companionship without the use of intimate relationships. Between warriors, strangers, enemies, different races and gender.How we can know someone for a long time without ever knowing how they truly feel or what they hide in their past or in their hearts.I received a free copy of this book for my review.