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Deferral of Guilt

Deferral of Guilt - James Parr There are actually three storylines running throughout the book. All three are based on guilt, lack of and/or recognition of said guilt.Alex ponders whether his guiltless state of mind is in fact a denial of forgotten guilt. O'Donnell wrestles with hidden guilt that has made his life crumble slowing from inside outwards. Lastly Carron, who is faced with the reality of guilt by association. Those storylines lead back convincingly to the title.So the premise is there and all the ingredients and yet for me it lacked a certain depth. I felt the author successfully opened up the doors to multiple great borderline controversial topics, but missed the opportunity to dig a little deeper.It was as if he floated along the topics, peeked inside and slammed the door shut again before we/the reader could get a good look at his real intentions.Do I think there is a good story yet to be heard from this author? Yes, but he might need a shovel for digging and a key to unlock his inner soul.