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The Winter War

The Winter War - Jason Garrett This paranormal/supernatural story is full of an abundace of creativity. Featuring a demon hunter who used to capture demons and has now become a man of God. His past profession and life keeps crash landing back into his life, which is both dangerous and lethal for the people around him.What I liked about it was the subliminal message about karma and how your unethical or unsavoury past deeds will eventually come to haunt you. The lines between who is good or evil are often skewed, which makes the reader question the indivual characters and their motives.What I didn't think worked very well for this story, was the fact that a lot of the sentences seemed oddly structured, which interrupted the flow of the story. I also felt certain scenes ended abruptly, with the next scene starting suddenly in the following line of text without a clear indication that we as a reader were now elsewhere.Saying all that I think with a little fine-tuning this could become a good series.I received a free copy of this book for my review.