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The Rune that Binds - J.D. Goff This fantasy has an overall feeling of darkness and yet within those spheres of gloom lurks quite a complex concept.The author has taken the theme of characters after death and created whole entities and civilisations within that theme.Sound confusing? Not at all, as a matter of fact it is rather fascinating.There is an evil omnipotent ruler or godlike presence. He in turn has created life after death in form of various groups. Each group has different abilities depending on time of death and/or creation by whom. When the nigh t falls both live and dead humans are enticed or influenced by an alluring presence called the Beckoning.As if that isn't enough to get the reader interested, the living humans in the story, who are segregated from the entities that want to kill them, have groups of men adept at wielding swords and runes to fight of the hordes of dead.I think the author needs to make sure he doesn't let the storyline become too repetitive or mundane, whilst concentrating on all the various groupings of individuals. So although the story needed to be centred a lot more and was a 3* I really liked the complexity of the after death species concept and give it an overall 4*.