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Blood Guilt - Ben Cheetham This writer knows how to wrap a story round the solid core of societys issues and expose them for what the truly are. The main character Harlan has just been released from prison for manslaughter, whilst trying to absolve his guilt to the victims widow her young son is kidnapped. What better way to right his wrong by helping to find him, and so he starts upon his journey of vigilantism. That's the concept in a nutshell, but the true facets of this story lie within the folds of facts. Pedophilia and the way the judicial system copes with crimes, victims and perpetrators is described in a factual yet understated manner (I am glad, sometimes less is more and knowing the specific horrific details doesn't always make a better story). Pedophiles cannot be healed and they live on day to day could re-offend basis. They are returned to society and usually end up in housing with other predators of sexual deviancy, where they connect and find mutual goals. In this story we have a pedophile, who is clearly guilty of multiple offences and yet the hands of both police and state are tied by the laws of human and civil rights, so in essence a factual representation of our misguided system. A sexual predator can abuse/rape/kill and be out in two years time to repeat the crime. A criminal who robs a bank gets 20. The most interesting issue in this book is the taking the law into your own hands. Would you, if someone took your child? Would you beat a man to pulp or kill to save an innocent victim? Provoking thoughts indeed, I know what I would do...do you? If the police went back to the more vigilante hands-on approach of the 70s/80s would there be less victims or more corruption. I could go on for hours about the things this book made me think about, I suggest you give this author a read, he is someone I thinky we will be seeing a lot more of.