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The Society of Dirty Hearts - Ben Cheetham I read this in one session last night and have to say this would make a great "Twin Peaksesque" modern series a la What happened to Mia Bradshaw? The main character comes back from Uni to find that a young girl has gone missing, unfortunately he is the one that finds her. I don't want to rehash the story, because even the smallest detail would be a spoiler. Julian is plagued by dreams of a violent nature, which are so realistic he isn't sure where dream begins and reality stops. I thought the dream sequences were a great window into Julians subconscious feelings and perhaps even more violent nature. Then again perhaps that is exactly what the writer is saying, that we all have the capacity to commit heinous acts of violence, it just depends on how high each individuals threshold is when it comes to making a choice. I felt the story describes the nature of the beast our society is confronted with, in which people who have the ability to buy or do anything they want, choose to cross the threshold, because human life is just one more thing they can buy. It comes very close to the global and non global powerful men set ups we see across the planet, they are just never brought to justice because they are in powerful positions and pull the strings. That brings me to another element of the story, which I found interesting. How children, teenagers and even adults can dissapear without a trace and they have no one looking for them, because the system has made them inconsequential in the first place. In essence like catching and putting down stray dogs. Some of the sub plots didn't seem to connect to the main one as well as they could have, but I put that down to the Noir like style. I received a complimentary copy of this book.