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Southern Bound (Max Porter, #1) - Stuart Jaffe It is a creative combination of fact and fiction. Paranormal meets research and history. There were quite a few factual subplots in the book that I checked out afterwards.Halfway through the main characters wife Sandra reveals something about herself, which changes her role in the story. It came out of the blue and to be honest it felt contrived, as if it was added to link her to the storyline in a tighter way.Jaffe didn't fully utilize the potential if his character Drummond. A 1940s detective a la Sam Spade, well that just leaves the door open for so many dialogues, which is why it was a pity the author didn't use it.I liked the flow of the writing and occasional smart quip.Overall I think it isn't a true indication of what Jaffe is capable of creating. It was far too above the waterline and not enough diving below the surface. I can see the concept of Max 'detective extraordinaire of ghosts' being a popular one, if Jaffe makes it either more noir and gritty or steps it up a notch for the contemporary market.I received a free copy of this book for my review.