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A Song for Nemesis

A Song for Nemesis - Len Harper It felt as if the author was trying to dance at one wedding with two brides. The main political plot kept veering off into romantic meanderings or family drama. There seemed to be too many subplots vying for attention and ultimately it made the main storyline sink into obscurity.Pity, because the beginning chapters are a convincing solid political and moral undertaking about the oppression of the people in El Salvador.The main character whips from being portrayed as a fighter for the oppressed to a filmmaker documenting the criminals behind it, to the target of a hitman. The reason being a script about said political events, but that manuscript is never delved into deep enough to understand what the fuss is all about.What was the point of creating that link to El Salvador in regards to Lena and then coming in with a completely left wing and ancient solution, which made no sense and didn't explain the motive?Now I happen to have read that the original book was edited and cut by at least a quarter and I wonder if some of the real essence of this book was lost in translation or on the editors desk.I would like to see this author tackle his original political idea with a little more strength and conviction.