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How To Kill Yourself - C.V. Hunt First of all the authors' disclaimer that the title is a metaphor is total mumpitz. Perhaps she needs to read up on the meaning of the word.Initially the book caught my eye, because of the clearly offensive title. It is either a churlish and not well thought out way to attract attention for the book or the author was wearing her pseudo intellectual shoes at the time she chose it.Now after reading the book I am actually disappointed by her lack of both creativity and understanding of how important a books title is.It is the first impression. Wouldn't you want to sell your story in the best way possible?Trying to be smarter than the average bear sometimes means you miss the picnic basket by a mile.If your title implies in any way that it offers a way to commit suicide then you need to think about the implications of how that might be perceived.The girl with the pink hair plays a pivotal role in the last chapters. Her name is Suicide. That's right and now it all becomes a little clearer. Her name is a play on words with the 'How to kill yourself' title.Play on words not a metaphor.The story is quirky with a noir quality. It contains graphic language and quite a few remarks that will possibly make quite a few devout Christians have a massive hairy fit.It features Death, who escapes her lover Diavol on a regular basis only to return to the grim shores of Purgatory. Without giving away any other spoilers it is clever, but lacks a certain finesse when it comes to taking swipes at the omnipotent presence of both God, the Devil and Death.This is obviously the authors trademark style. Off the wall, slightly derogatory plots with a thick helping of sarcasm and self irony.So where was that witty trademark sarky attitude when it came to the title?It doesn't reflect the content and neither does the pink haired chic lit cover. The target market will pass it over, because it looks like Stephanie from Lazytown trying to kill herself. A fair number will get annoyed at the title and let's not forget the readers who think they might just be getting a suicide handbook with the Top Ten Tips to do yourself in.Where is the cover and title that would entice the reader who likes your very distinctive style?I liked it, although I think it could do with some polishing to make it just a tad 'more' instead of just borderline in your face offensive with a sideline of demons.