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The Omega Fellowship

The Omega Fellowship - Peter Croxton Murder without a motiveA crime novel with a lot of big ideas. I didn't think it was very thrilling. It was far too predictable and the culprits, who were supposed to be highly educated professionals, were extremely easy to identify and apprehend.The explanation of why they chose to do it didn't gel well with me. Linking it back to the Nazi euthansia programme would have been an interesting idea if the actual so called social engineering experiment being conducted by the Omega Fellowship actually showed any parallels, which it didn't. The Euthansia programme set up in pre WW2 Germany exterminated children/adults who were deemed bad genetic stock. The Omega Fell. just picked random people to murder.I think that idea could have been thought out and orchestrated in a much more precise way.Not sure why the author added the relationship of Debbie and Adrian their story had nothing to do with the plot or subplot, it was completely superfluous. Perhaps it was an attempt to have everything in the book including a tiny bit of bedroom aka carpet antics.For me it missed the mark and the writing was very much he said/she said and a lot of the actions and thoughts were laid out in detail,which I found overdone. On a witty note I am not sure I will ever get the visual image of Adrian hanging his limp logcabin over the back of that chair, out of my head.