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Operation Eichmann: The Truth about the Pursuit, Capture and Trial

Operation Eichmann: The Truth about the Pursuit, Capture and Trial - Zvi Aharoni,  Wilhelm Dietl If you are looking for a hyped up version of the capture of Eichmann, filled with James Bond like scenarios, then this isn't the book for you.Instead Zvi Aharoni gives his own factual account of the events in a clear concise manner. Granted it isn't superbly exciting, but then it doesn't have to be. The content and events within speak for themselves.To give the reader a complete picture of historical events and the subsequent reasons for finding Eichmann, Aharoni takes us back to the beginning and where it all started for him and his family. He takes us through the pre-WW2 build up of the NS Party, the existence of camps many years before the war began. Introduces us to some of the more well known war criminals and their rise to power. Inevitably he also gives some examples of the horrific atrocities that were done unto the many millions of innocent human beings during the Nazi regime.The author delves into how so many war criminals of that era managed to not only escape, but remain free and unpunished. It is a slap to the face to realise that many of them never actually left Germany and were integrated into society with different names, supported by big name industries or guided overseas via the Vatican and many helping hands.What emerged quite strongly for me from this book, was the fact that despite all the apparent alleged Odessa connections, that Eichmann lived as a working class male in the time up until his capture. Unable to survive successfully without the extreme dogma and discipline of the Hitler regime, he failed at almost everything after the war. That supports two theories, that Odessa was a myth blown out of proportion and that Eichmann was one of those people who evolved in his sadistic tendancies due to the convenient circumstance of opportunity and power.Talking about convenience, it suited all countries that harboured these criminals to ignore their past, because a high number of them were well educated professionals in their fields. Although quite factual and unemotive, the author manages to introduce a clear picture of what really happened during the pursuit and capture. Now and again the language structure is a little awkward, due to translation, but it doesn't detract from the reading.Finally I think the most important message was the point Aharoni made about the Holocaust denial. The supporters of this lie are on the rise. Academics and professionals, who have the audacity to besmirch the memories of not only the millions of innocents who were murdered, but also that of the survivors and their families.Anyone who perpetuates the lie that the Holocaust never happened is as guilty as the criminals who committed the crimes, and they deserve to be treated with the same disdain.