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The stranger in my life

The stranger in my life - Janet Holt,  Helen Parker This isn't just an autobiography. It is a cleansing of the soul. A baring of hidden memories. Holt is in her own way showing both guilt and redemption. Guilt by admitting that, which has been locked away in her vault of memories for many years. Redemption, by hoping to atone by telling all.It is well written and even paced. It also manages to create a build up of tension leading up to the grand plot finale, similar to a fictitious novel.I thought that was exceedingly well done, despite knowing from the get go where the story was going to end up.Trauma can cause the human mind to block out whole events, days and even years. I believe the subconscious fear of knowing what lay behind that door of nightmares, must have driven Holt to make some odd choices in life.What remained unanswered for me was the aspect of why no evidence of any crime was found. Does the fact there wasn't suggest an awareness of wrong doing and fear of being punished. Does that gel with the trauma induced amnesia?Of course these are exactly the type of questions that Holt has been and will be subjected to.At the moment the situation is in a no man's land, due to the lack of physical evidence or a body. Without that the story, as it stands could just be the false memories of a distraught individual.I wonder what is worse, discovering the horrors behind the door or realising that perhaps nobody will believe you when you do tell them. That conundrum is exactly why the brain creates the vaults to begin with.It must take a lot of guts to expose yourself and your secrets in this manner, especially when people doubt your intentions.I received a free copy of this book for my review.