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Forgetting Soho

Forgetting Soho - J.C. Watson Although full of beautiful prose in parts and well written. This story was all over the place it was like reading energetic literary spurts with the flow of an ebbing Nile.It starts off with an interesting chapter viewed through the eyes of a fly, sounds bizarre, but it was well excecuted. After that it hops from one creative idea to another. The main focus being on the subvertive lives of British spys and their jobs. Linked into that is a sub plot, which leads us to the ancestor of an ancient dynasty. That storyline includes a lot of chopped off limbs and deaths in various degrees of severity. Then to top it all off the book ends, as it began, with the Master Fly and the plans for global domination.I think the author could do with eliminating the fly language, which is represented via symbols, and just leaving the translation. No reader wants to be confronted with loads of random symbols in text.The scenes that involved the gang rape of two female hostages, were written in a way that allowed the reader to identify the horror without the gratuitous use of overly descriptive language or actions. The author allows it to flow into the story without letting it overpower the main plot, which of course scenes of this nature often do.All in all I would have to say that although the author has clearly got a way with words and plenty of creative ideas, that this book is far too jumbled and not centred enough on any plot or person in particular.I received a free copy of this book for my review.