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Perdu - Raeden Zen Whilst I understand and appreciate the attempt at more a comtemporary and mass market targeted book, in this story I missed this authors special type of brain cell thumping quirkyness.It was as if his brazen attitude had taken a break or perhaps gone for a long walk.He needs to combine that innate in your face complexity with a twist of emotion and a subject matter his soul believes in.Perseverance Mr Zen, perseverance.The mixture of sci-fi and supernatural elements was interesting, but that sci-fi link withered into the background. I assume it will perhaps become important in the next book in the series.I enjoyed the fact that there was more warmth and open emotion, despite the fact it still seems to be a new area for Zen to play around with in a literary sense.Overall for me it was almost flighty, the dialogue and storyline wasn't grounded enough to be able to relate to.It was missing that certain Zen quality that is apparent in his other work.