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Lottie Barrett Lives (Again)

Lottie Barrett Lives (Again) - Hugh Centerville Lottie's story is suitable for both younger and older readers, despite the presence of zombies, witches and the occasional death via magic. In fact, hidden in the story the author has managed to nip into issues of society, class structures, peer pressure and bullying. Perhaps not with any real depth, but certainly enough to make some readers, especially younger ones, recognise a situation or two they may have been confronted with. Barring the raising of the dead by a teen of course, well at least I hope not.Many of the sentences were what I would call grammatical oddities, which meant re-reading some of them for comprehension purposes. A lot (nearly all) of the numerical words, such as one or two are written as actual numbers. For instance: 1 of us might want 2.I am not sure if the author did this intentionally to target the younger and more tech savvy readers with text talk. I found it both irritating and distracting, however I didn't let it detract from the storyline.I think younger readers will really enjoy this fun story and the older one will appreciate the zombie genre with a twist. The non-brain eating twist that is.I received a free copy of this book for my review.