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tears of the fallen

tears of the fallen - K.M. Hager This could be a lot better with a good edit for grammar, spelling and storyline flow.It is YA and will certainly entertain readers who love a great love triangle and a fallen angel or two. Sadly the lack of edit makes it difficult for the concept to be as strong as it could be. Saying that, conceptually it isn't original, but then again that isn't very easy with the large amount of books being released in the paranormal/supernatural genre.There was a lot of dialogue about how beautiful the men were, which got a little repetitive after a while. There is only so often you can read how brilliantly sublime a man's hair colour is. The main character should have been visiting AA meetings instead of hanging out at the beach waiting for the occasional angel or the end of the world to descend. Talk about needing a shot of vodka every five minutes.What I will commend the author for and the reason for is how she handled the attack scene. The description of before, during and after in the first few chapters was excellent. It showed a creative depth of emotion, which the author can obviously pull from when needed. She just needs to learn to do it more consistently.Other than that the author needs to fix some of the most obvious issues and then this little book might do just a little bit better in the grand scheme of things.I received a free copy of this book for my review.On Azon 3 stars is equal to two on GR, hence the difference.