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Conquest: My Vampire Lover

Conquest: My Vampire Lover - Victoria Embers Not only has the author added a warning about mature material, she has added an apology to any reader who thinks the story is a little on the short side.I have to admit that last bit did make me chuckle, as I happen to be a reader who will moan if a story is too short, especially a short story. I mean hey it isn't as if we know that the short story might be...well umm kinda short. I still moan though, especially if it's a good story.Anyway enough waffling let's get down to the nitty gritty naughty short.First of all this must be some super talented love-making vampire for her to just forget all about her home and pack. Second, sorry no it is not comfortable being buck naked all of the time. Even nudists/naturists wear the occasional snow boots or mittens.It needs an edit for errors and missing words.Example:'I want you to be with you forever.' I can't fault the enthusiasm in this piece though and if the author is more diligent with her editing then I imagine her erotic tales will appeal to quite a few readers.