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The Dream Prophecy

The Dream Prophecy - Robin  Webster I think Webster's heart will always remain true to the 'Brit gangsta' no matter what he writes, so it wasn't a surprise to find those familiar elements within this tale.It is a story of a dystopian nature. The world after the onslaught of major catastrophe. How the remaining survivors fight against the plague that has destroyed their world and the remaining few, who wish to control those that are left.Who knew that the Brit Gangsta would turn out to be the cockroach in the aftermath of such a catastrophe.I think the prologue reads too much like a blurb and reveals info that should be and is revealed during the reading of the first chapter. The story could do with an edit for flow and tightening of the story. The concept is perhaps not new, but in combination with the authors tiny predisposition it throws a different light on that type of story.I received a free copy of this book for my review.