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Operation Overlord - Jack Patterson The author has chosen to write this account as fiction, because now he is in his late 80s he is worried that he might get facts mixed up.I wish he had chosen to write it as a memoir and in first person. The details he remembers are quite remarkable when you think about the fact that we are talking about events that took place over 68 years ago.What is evident in the story is the level of emotional detachment.It is quite common for veterans of war to distance themselves emotionally from their experiences. That coping mechanism and not speaking about it, is probably what keeps the majority sane. The human mind and body is unsuited for the horrors of warfare. That makes their tales, memoirs and often brief trips down memory lane so very precious. It is hard to relay in words, both vocally and in writing, what they must have experienced. For the reader or listener it is also just as difficult to comprehend completely without actually having been part of it or through something similar themselves.The flow of the story seems a little rigid and there is a strong focus on weaponry and the strategic warfare. That is something which will garner interest from history buffs, especially the details of specific guns, bombs and equipment used during WW2. It mentions certain well-known battles and devastating wartime losses that many will recognise from history losses. Often the author mentions them in passing and I wonder what kind of an impact that must have had upon him and others at such a young age.We are coming to an era now in 2013 that sees us saying goodbye to the few remaining brave soldiers of those historical events. The author is one of those few and that is enough reason to read this book.I received a free copy of this book for my review.