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ABC Animals an alphabetical rhyming picture book

ABC Animals an alphabetical rhyming picture book - Mark      Smith There are many ABC books and it is quite difficult to say which one your child will relate to more. For beginners it is always important to have bright colours and interesting pictures, as their learning is mostly visual at that point.The text in the book is for a reading age of 6 plus, with the exception of advanced readers. The rhymes will help the child remember the connection to the letter.My initial reaction is that the book will appeal to readers, because the author has chosen unusual animals instead of the c is for cat or d is for duck type of character.Instead we have animals like M is for manatee, N is for nightingale or O is for octopus and that octopus is kind of fierce looking.Reluctant readers may find the colourful printed exotic animals far more interesting to read about than the usual domestic ones.To top it all off the author has added amusing quips and comments between the animals on the pages, which makes it less of a learning event and more of a fun reading time with Mom or Dad.I received a free copy of this book for my review.