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Incredible Animal Moms

Incredible Animal Moms - Mark      Smith What I liked most about this book is the combination between fact and the compliments to awesome animal moms. It is both a learning opportunity and a way to reinforce the positive image of how moms take care of their children or in this case their offspring.It is suitable for readers aged 7 up and advanced readers. The amount of text on each animal is quite long, so I would suggest if you have a reluctant reader having the child do a few or one page per reading time. Of course reading it together or reading it to your child is another possibility.Younger children may find the facts and figures a lot of info to take on board, but the pictures are so adorable I am sure they will enjoy just looking at the animals.I can honestly say I had no idea that Strawberry Poison Arrow Frogs took their babies/tadpoles up trees. I also think the image of the Wolf Spider carrying her young on her back will stay with me for quite a while. However the prize goes to the Cichlid mom, who keeps her babies in her mouth and that picture of those tiny fish staring out between the gap of that big fish mouth is going to amuse and interest the heck out of any child.I received a free copy of this book for my review.