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Learn the Numbers Pre-K Learning Series - Sandra L. Portman Pre- Nursery and Pre-School book that grows and advances with your child.As most parents/carers will know, when you are buying books for your pre-school child the books tend to be for one age level, so you end up accumulating quite a stack of books for each stage of development.This book has four stages.First stage:counting with a use of a visual aid. The number is shown(1) and then a picture of one item (one fish) is shown.To the child this helps visualise what the number one looks like and how many items that number represents.Second stage:recognizing the visual representation of the number. The page will have a set of large colourful numbers and underneath in black print it will say 'Find the number 0'Stage three:recognizing and pointing out all the numbers on a page.Last but not least my favourite stage, the interactive level.Stage four:A number of same items are shown (fish) underneath there are three number choices. If the child presses the correct answer the book reads congratulations or correct. Wrong answer and a sad smiley face appears and it says try again.In our day and age of e-readers this is the type of book I want to see and use as a scholastic resource. Children get the best of both worlds in this book. The modern technology and a fun way to learn. The bright colourful illustrations, easy instructions and the chance to use Mommy or Daddy's precious Kindle or IPad make this a perfect choice of book.Personally I have found that although my youngest son enjoys his books, with him being a bit of a reluctant reader I have to find new ways of stimulating that interest for books and reading. Devices like e-readers, tablets and even smartphones are a really useful resource. A resource that is still often overlooked and underestimated by many.The interactive feature on this book works on most media that support the function. I have tried it on my smartphone, Kindle Fire and Ipad.The illustrations and numbers are really eye-catching, so you might be cleaning a few sticky fingerprints off of your screens, because your child is going to want to touch it.I received a free copy of this book for my review.