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Everett Smiles - Neil John Buchanan I have to openly admit to the fact I was having a spot of lunch whilst listening to this audiobook. Let's just say I decided to postpone my sandwich.The scene where the main character debates the possibility of snacking on the floater. Ick, that vivid imagery will stick with me for quite a while. It is a mixture of post-apocalyptic horror and the decline of the human mind due to the trauma of being completely alone amidst the remains and horrors of the apocalyptic world. It is a continuous conversation between the survivor, her hallucinations, her make-shift friends and of course the cause of the total destruction.It is interesting how the main character starts to delve into her guilt and regrets in regards to her son. That seems to be the drive keeping her alive. That ironclad will to find him and set things right.The narration and sound effects were good. I would like to read the story though, to set my own pace and create my own minds image of what the characters should look like.I received a copy of this audiobook courtesy of the author.