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The Death of Kings (Count of Trall, #1) - Marcus Pailing There is so much going on in this book that the storyline gets lost in the midst of it all.It could do with an edit for flow and the plot needs to be reined in. I would suggest a glossary of names and places. Perhaps even a map and a family tree, but in the back to avoid any spoilers.The genealogy within the storyline is complex and I would venture to say it complicates the plot instead of making it clearer, hence the need for a tree. This is something that other authors have done on occasion, especially when they write epic novels.It is a very ambitious piece of work that just needs a little shake of the branches to clean out the dead leaves.I can clearly see the energy and vaste amount of creativity the author can bring to the table in a lucid yarn spinning way, which is evident predominantly in the first and last quarter of the book. Hopefully that will become more structured, centred and solid in the next books.