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To the Grave (A Genealogical Crime Mystery #2) - Steve  Robinson This man sure knows how to spin a yarn. One storyline splits into two and the reader follows the man hunting for the truth in the present, whilst simultaneously reliving it with the person he is hunting for in the past. The past and present unfold like layers of ancient scripture, which has to be pried open and lifted carefully so it doesn't tear or disintegrate forever.I found myself thinking ahead, completely certain of the events that had transpired, only to find the author was just a tad more clever and inventive. My heart went out to Mena and yes I even found myself blinking back a tear or two. I felt anger at the injustice, the waste and the lost opportunities, which is so often the case with deep dark family secrets.Some of the dialogue between Tayte and the characters in his part of the storyline is at times overly descriptive and superfluous. Tayte smiles a lot and that particular word was used too often. On a more personal note I felt that the reader was kept very close to Mena until her disappearance and then the story from her point of view was lost. I would have loved to have heard her perspective a little longer, but I admit the way it is written is better and more realistic.Aside from those tiny details this was a cracking read and I highly recommend it.