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Stray: Touchstone (Part 1) - Andrea K Höst I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review. Hmmm this is a sci-fi/fantasy story written in diary format, which I must honestly say does the book no favours. Reading a story in the first person isn't for every reader, but for some books it is the right way to go. I believe it wasn't in this case. The story and concept are good, but the author drags out the self dialogue even when other people start appearing. I realise this is due to the language barrier but there could have been more dialogue between characters in the first quarter of the story. The story gets more colour when Cassandra, the main character, who has somehow managed to get lost on an alternate planet or plane of existence, starts interacting with other characters verbally. The facets of this sci fi are deep and are layered upon one another, I would love to go into detail but I don't want to reveal any spoilers. Actually my fingers are itching: Cassandra is put in the position of making a choice, go home and destroy her own world or the world she has come to know.This book would work well in non diary format, because the utopian ideas and creativity are clearly there to back it up. I enjoyed this strange little gem and will look out for more. If you enjoy reading beyond the end of our flat planet, give this one a try