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Grave Peril - Jim Butcher I don't think this third book in the series is as strong as the first two. It might just be me but it had a different feel to it. Harry wasn't as witty or sarky and he seems to have lost a little bit of oomph.The character of Michael is strong and adds an extra element to this book, however I am not sure it is a positive one. Due to Michaels position a lot of the text between him and Harry has religious references.So Harrys says hells bells a lot for instance instead of his usual outbursts. Now that might not seem like a big issue, but it completely changes the way Harry interacts with others. Part of what made his character so likeable is the way he doesn't conform to the wishesof others.All in all I thought it was a lot weaker and hope that the next one brings the old 'devil may care, I will never lick your boots' Harry back instead the placid must watch my mouth Harry in this book.