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I Think I'm OK - CS Kenny Honest and heartfelt reflection and biography of a young boy/man deemed a troublemaker by society. I can't say what I liked more, the candid approach the author took to writing his own story, the under emphasis of heartbreaking events or the take it on the chin attitude he displayed during that time. At first I thought alright a divorce and step dad, that can't be enough for him to just start acting completely off the rails. Then he just slams the reader with it. No detailed graphic visual images just his thoughts and flashback of the events. The way it was presented made it even more powerful. Suffice to say one of the most important terms in the book are the words running away. Running away from the hidden terror. I found it unforgivable that the Social Services laid so much emphasis on his fathers sexual orientation and the child being exposed to it, because the so called experts put it on the same level as deviant behaviour. Of course that meant that they didn't look for the real reason for his behaviour and in doing so ended up presenting him on a platter to exactly those deviants they were supposed to be saving him from. I was surprised at the angry outburst at Val, because there wasn't one towards Derek, Philip or even his mother. Then he pinpoints it himself, the fact that the powers that be and adults around him called him a liar was of more importance, because that meant they would never believe him, when and if he told them what had happened at the beginning of his journey. I admire the author for having the strength to finally confront his inner demons and the living ones. I gather by the last chapter that he wasn't alone in being a victim and I hope that the abuser receives the Karma he deserves and that the other members of the family he abused will be able to face their demons also.