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Ma Polinski's Pockets - Sara Sheridan I am not sure what I was expecting based on the title, but it sure wasn't the great story I have just read.The introspective thought put into how a survivor feels and deals with the aftermath of the Holocaust. I have never given much thought to how it must be for the partner of a survivor if they themselves were never in that situation. Having to live with the memories and the haunting, despite never having lived throughthem.The story has us follow the daughter of such a survivor, who inherits from a person she barely knows. This in turn sends her on a search for answers.It shows us the strained relationship the main character has with her parents, their unwillingness to let her go and her need for independance.The author manages to bring to light the fact that Holocaust denial is rife in our day and age.Unfortunately those that voice these lies are allowed freedom of speech. She allows give us an insight into how these traumatic events follow those that have experienced them and their family members, for many years.It should never be forgotten.I do agree that there are some minor typos and some factual research is incorrect. This didn't, for me at least, deter from the fact it was a good story.