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30 Pieces of Silver (Betrayed, #1) - Carolyn McCray It irks me when I come upon someone who is capable of creating such intriguing storylines and then can't bring it together as well as it could have been.As the reader wanders from the past to the present it becomes painfully apparent that one of the subplots lacks the lustre and finesse of the other.The author manages to weave the fine lines of historical fact, architectural beauty, centuries of folklore, the pain of historical catastrophes and her own incredibly clever fictional thoughts, all into one great carpet of multicoloured fibres.That superb idea and initial plot is let down by the movie like quality of the action scenarios in the present day storyline. For want of a better example it was like watching the Passion of Christ mixed with Mission Impossible and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Arggh.Can you tell I am just a tad peeved?The past day storyline is conceptual brilliance and I can understand how it might not only shake the core of a reader who is faithful, but also make one or two break out the GPS and shovels to go bone hunting.So, although I think there are parts of the book written and plotted at a 3 star level, I think the religious plot is 5 star, so I make that an even 4.