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Whisper Walker (Whisper Walker Series #1) - London Cole Hmmm interesting story, which is full of creative ideas and potential, but I found it too flighty.It is a YA Paranormal book, but I would recommend the readers be 16 yrs and older. YA books have a tendency to be very popular with younger teens hence the mention. Why? Because I think it is a little more racy than it should be, actually bordering on semi naughty.Bearing in mind one character is 16 and the other only just 17.The scenes in which Kelsie and Drake always shower together, sleep together and well everything together. Those can be perhaps understood as comfort, because they are both orphans. The descriptive scenes of how each of them are aroused by the other, they are highly suggestive and perhaps a tad much for the younger reader.The rules about the adults having intercourse are only hinted at and weren't explained till the last quarter of the book. The List would have made more sense if it had been mentioned earlier in the story.I also found the switching of storytelling quite confusing. One chapter would be Kelsie then the next Drake, which is fine except the story was then told in first person. So 'I' was either one or the other depending on whose name was in the title of each chapter. It would haved worked better in third person.On the more positive side I can see this concept/book becoming popular if the characters are fleshed out a little more, the ideas are given more depth and are more coherent, as opposed to rushed.I received a free copy of this book for my review.