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Shadowland - C.M. Gray The start was promising. The actual introduction of the characters as they start to tell the reader where it all began. After the boys meet Meryn it began to spiral downwards. I think the flow of the story could do with a good edit.I found it went from one scenario to the next in such a speed that the plot became incredulous.The two young boys are suddenly fighting machines within a short period of time for instance. A lot of well known mythical details seemed to fixed around the storyline to suit the tale rather than let it develop naturally.I felt the answer as to why Uther was telling the story there at that time wasn't explained in enough detail.I do like the legends that surround Arthur, but I didn't feel this one did it any justice.Saying all that, the beginning clearly shows an aptitude to create or set up an interesting scenario. Perhaps something that is conceptually not as comparable to a thousand others would be a better choice for this author.