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Growing Disenchantments - K.D. Berry The beginning chapters are very upbeat and kind of like Disney does Python, but in a cheeky nice way. I mean what kind of sorcerer has full scale conversations with inanimate objects that have their own personalities, opinions and are not afraid to voice them. The furniture sniggers at him a lot and the broom seems especially diva like.I like the way Berry weaves a layer of wit within the storylines. Sometimes it is so subtle you have to be careful not to miss it. For instance, one of my favourite characters is the gargoyle named Desquartz, who likes to be philosophical. If you have read the first book [[ASIN:B0069TJRR8 Dragons Away]] you might recognise some of the characters, however this is a stand-alone book and not a sequel. It is a fantasy that adults and children will enjoy.I think that at one point towards the last few chapters there was too much going on. An abundance of different ideas dragging the reader into various corners. The story was in danger of becoming lost within the creativity.I received a free copy of this book for my review.