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Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane I wonder if the concept for this book came from a need to drop something different in the expansive depths of urban fantasy or whether the reader is being treated to a glimpse of Kanes subconscious darker side. Regardless of which and why this is an extraordinary example of its type of genre.The main character is an anti heroine par excellence and like marmite, the reader will either love her despite her failings or hate her with the passion born of hatred.Me, myself and I are on board the love boat.I enjoyed the darkness of her character and the way she makes no excuse for being who she is. She lives as she feels, which is in the moment. However behind all that carelessness and silmultaneously free as a bird attitude hides the hurt and scared child, as often is the case with addicts. Hidden behind the addiction is the pain of past horrors and present indifference. The world surrounding the characters is dystopian in its nature with strong elements of paranormal and occultism. The church leads and guides as a dictatorship with cult like presence. I found it extremely interesting how Kane took the outside population, who are living in ghetto like habitats, and has had them regress in their language skills. So rather than use the future as a scenario, in which we find the population more advanced, we in fact find them going backwards. This is demonstrated in the way they communicate. I found the concept fascinating, daring and I look forward to reading more.