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Shattered: (A Donna Harp Novel) (Volume 1) - Karl Jones Where to start? First of all I have to say it was a brilliant crime/murder story, especially for a debut novel. However I also have to say that there is not only explicit language, but also detailed graphic violence. To the point where I think this book will become like a pot of marmite, because you have readers that will not read anything with bad language and/or violence. So it will probably fall into a niche, when it comes to genre. There is def. a market with readers that enjoy their material a little more realistic, violent and gritty. For me that is the problem, despite the fact I know this is the reality of those crimes, I do think the writer has taken it to a specific level, that I actually question where this specific creativity, descriptive fantasy or which deep depths of inner torment this has come from. It will make you uncomfortable, ok not everyone, because it is as if the writer is inside the mind of a predator. The realism almost sucks the story into a deep crevice, which detracts from the excellent mystery. I would just like to pat myself on the back for figuring out who the killer was after a third of the book. Not sure whether it was intentional, perhaps it was because the writer become so connected to the killer, but there were certain clues in there. It also brushed on an important message of vigilantism and how even police officers will sometimes use the public to punish the offenders, because their hands are tied. I just want to say again that I really enjoyed the book, despite the wincing and gasps while I was reading and I do highly recommend it.