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The Wayward Spy - Roger Croft It is a George Smiley Tinker Tailor Spy type of story, except with less panache and style. It needs a touch up to smooth out the awkward parts, which more or less means it needs editing to omit a lot of superfluous details and to strengthen the actual plot.The first half was a lot of jumbled scenes to lead up to the actual main storyline, especially the whole 'buy a house' scenario. The second half was a lot grittier and now and again it had this Cold War spy game feel to it.One thing that really bothered me as a reader,was the strong Anti-Israel and Pro Palestinian political school of thought throughout the book. It felt more like the authors personal view and voice shining through instead of a storyline. Now if that isn't the case then maybe the author is unaware how strongly he makes the Pro Palestinian point, but he does.Also in the last chapters the events with the main characters friends niece, it felt as if the author wanted his figure to be James Bond desirable, but it just didn't gel right.Taking all that aside I do think that the author has a good spy story to tell, he just needs to leave out a lot of unnecessary plot development.I received a free copy of this book for my review.