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Diary of a Small Fish - Pete Morin It is incredibly hard to create a character that is so realistic that the reader forgets its actual fictional purpose. Morin has managed to do just that. The main character is someone the reader can identify with, whether it is financially, emotionally or morally.The book is very hard to fit snugly into a specific genre. The main focus of the storyline is centred around the political machinations of lobbyists. The question of when is an invite, having dinner together or picking up the tab a bribe. How do you discern between favour and coincidence?Intertwined into the world of political roulette is a man who yearns for lost moments in time, both with his parents and ex-wife. His romantic relationship develops at a slow pace and never overshadows the main plot, as secondary storylines often do.It takes a big person to question the validity of his own actions and ask that his friends do the same to his face. The reader is invited to query the morality and ethical dilemma that ensues in these political environments.It is hard to explain exactly why this is such a great read. It doesn't adhere or conform to the usual book ingredients, there are no super extreme situations or attempts at world domination.Instead it just simply 'is'.The writing is superb. Finishing the book the reader is left feeling as if they have just enjoyed a fine wine, an illegal cigar and all whilst sitting comfortably in the safe confines of their favourite armchair wearing a pair of fluffy slippers.It is a cleverly executed comfortable fit.