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Lucifer's List - Tess Klein I have given it 3*** on Azon , which is 'ok'..on here that would be a 2* but I am not doing star dances via various sites so..it was just ok.The author's personal experience is quite evident in the details of the story. Very concise and interesting factual knowledge, although some of the finer points of profiling may be debatable, especially when it comes to th eplot. Then again she states quite honestly that it isn't a precise science.Indeed the areas in the book, which focus on how a serial killer thinks, are some of the better parts. In general I think the dialogue was just not realistic in a sense that people don't speak to each other as if they are reciting a movie script.I think there was too much Sammie said/Jade did/Sammie meant ect ect. There is no need to restate the characters name before each action or movement. I thought some of Jades reactions were slightly odd considering she is a trained homicide detective. She went from clear thinking cop to simpering scared female the next.The sub plot of Kara was often confusing and lacked clarity.The last chapter was as if the author decided to leave it as a cliffhanger and then changed her mind. I am glad she did, because those last pages were a much better indication of what she may be capable of. Overall for me, it just didn't tick all the boxes.It also needs some minor mistakes editing.I recieved a free copy of this book for my review.