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Crux - Moira Rogers Crux has quite a few similarities with the R.Vincent Stray series. Young shapeshifter, who doesn't know anything about her kind, being fought over for breeding purposes. The end scene culminates in a ranch like magic fight finale. Not sure who read which book first, as they seem to have been published almost at the same time.However this book lacks some of the finesse of other books in the genre. Rogers has created a nice setting and many multifaceted characters. I would even go as far as to say, perhaps too many. There are too many scenes which set up possible 'couples' for future books and storylines, to the point of repetitiveness.The scenes need more depth, as the reader seems to be thrust from one scenario to another without much time to settle. Saying that, I liked the rapport between Jackson and Mackenzie in their scenes, which seems to imply that Rogers knows how to get there, but this book just isn't quite at the best destination yet.