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A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter Kind of hard to believe the author spent so much time going into the delicate details of how to handle antique books and documents, only to produce a heroine who fulfills all vampire genre clichés you can think of.Did she have to be a simpering teen-like faux rebel. Arrgh, annoying and just one of those many instances where the aristocratic gentleman vs the innocent young maiden just didn't gel, well at least not for me.I found the whole where are my books, who took them and who sired whom storyline was dragged out too long. The entire length of the book in fact and with little else to show in terms of a plot.It was maddening, because the author clearly knows how to throw in the odd quip and the first chapter is very enticing. However the mixture of young modern teen tone vs cultured and charming, well it made what could have been a better book only a mediocre one.