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City of Spirits - Eric Wilder I really liked the feel of this story. Leaving aside the plot or multitude of storylines for a minute, I just want to take a moment to explain what I mean by 'feel'the story. The background descriptions of New Orleans and the characters within its streets was well done without being overdone. It felt like a soft aura wafting within the folds of the various scenes. I think that is what gave it that comfortable feeling, always there and never overpowering.The book or concept is split into a three-way spaghetti junction, which culminates in a traffic light, a crash and closed road.Cleverly done, but the idea was overshadowed by too many obscure and irrelevant bodily bondings and to be quite frank it did the story an injustice.Not every main male character needs to get it on with a hot female. I also thought the incredibly interesting passeblanc storyline started to drown when the last chapters became too flouncy dramatic.Gotta be honest here, Wyatts ending was a bit of a cop out,but that is just the way I perceived it and I understand it may just be relevant for any following books.I received a free copy of this book for my review.