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Allah's Revenge - Pete Barber Although I enjoyed the complexity of the technological and scientific ideas, which play a major role in the storyline, those same ideas worried me. Just having someone create and reproduce such a scenario was frightening to contemplate. I often wonder if it isn't dancing with the devil when a writer manages to create a concept that could give a third party the extra incentive they need.However I also believe that uniqueness is also what makes a book like this a memorable experience.For me it felt as if the subplots didn't always connect well and sometimes bumped awkwardly. I would like to point out that each one of those subplots, the pedophilic fetishist, the young American swayed by faith to acts of terrorism or the subtle hint at the debasement of civil and human rights due to the Terrorism Act, well they are strong enough to survive as main plots. Sound as if there is a lot going on? Well those are just a few of the areas the author delves into.I think it needs a final gloss to iron out the tiny bubbles of discontent where the sub-plots mesh and personally I wasn't sure the area of females in that specific region and religion were completely realistic. Lana's fathers reaction in the car to Quinn's questions and how the family reacted upon her return, were a contradiction. All in all it was a good read. I received a free copy of this book for my review.