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The Puppet Maker's Bones - Alisa Tangredi This book takes a bold step beyond the usual realms of supernatural and paranormal genre. I do like quirky and new concepts and this one sneaks up on you in a slow unsuspecting way.From the moment of his birth Pavel is connected with death and it takes him many years to find out why death follows him around. Indeed much like the scars on his shoulders, his real identity and scope of his true being remains a mystery for many years.Pavel almost reminds me of various animals used to demonstrate the effects of solitary confinement on the human, or in this case non human psyche. Eventually he starts to lose a grip on reality, because he digs himself so deeply into his own hole ofPlot wise I am not so sure why Pavel's act was considered worse and worthy of a harsher punishment than his friend Cheidu.I have to say I am not sure having the two major plotlines run side by side did the book any justice. Kevin's serial killer tendencies and ultimate plan seemed so far removed from the other storyline that it didn't gel very well. I think that is perhaps because Pavel and his story in combination with his supernatural heritage, was a far superior conceptually. It was like throwing a banana in a bag full of chocolate truffles.I liked the off the wall thinking this author brought to the story. It is quite dark and there is no use of the usual components of the genre. I received a free copy of this book for my review.