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Penthouse Man - Kea Noli Reminded me of a Neil Simon play..lots of dialogue and drama...This little e-novella isn't going to be to everyones liking, because it isn't written in the usual way. It is written like a screenplay or on stage theatre script, but without the stage directions. The whole book is just one big bag of dialogue between a multitude of characters within close proximity of one another.It actually reminded me of a quick paced Neil Simon play. Reading it was like watching a tennis match. The ball going from one end of the court to another, making it impossible not to pay attention, lest you miss some detail.Now readers are either going to get that quirky charm and go with the flow or not like it at all.Aside from that I think the author has a propensity for a plot with lots of drama, a different type of story. I think this one lacked the depth and uniqueness this author is possibly capable of. I also think that the constant delving into the supposed reasons of the characters behaviour within her childhood excursion into the snow with summer clothes on, well it was presumptuous and contrived.One last thing, who the heck strokes dead cats? Now that sentence did seem to be made up for want of a better analogy.All in all I liked this quirky fast paced tennis match of a read.I received a free copy of this book for my review.