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Lust and Honor - Harriet Schultz This is merely meant to be a short taster or dip in the water marketing ploy to entice readers to buy Legacy of the Highlands.I think it would have served the author and her full novel better if the title linked to the novel 'Love and Honor, a short Legacy of the HIghlands taster' for instance.At the moment it seems to be a short story with no connection to the Highland book until you read the taster and excerpt inside the ebook.Fans and readers of this author will be aware of that fact, but I think it would be advisable for new readers.As for the short taster, it suggests a story which will appeal to readers of the romance genre. There wasn't very much content to review, which was a shame. This was too short for a prequel and I think that could make all the difference when it comes to convincing the new readers.