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The Black God's War - Moses Siregar III Hmmm this is a hard one to pin down. Let me start with what I liked.The author has quite obviously got a flare and talent for the fantasy genre. He has created memorable characters and plots which are set in intricately woven scenarios.He is astute at casting out the fishing line and drawing the reader in with just the right amount of bait. The book is a full of beautiful prose and creative meanderings.However that is exactly the problem. Those wonderfully crafted words hide very little story. The scenes were repetetive. Side A does this to side B and then vice versa. It was infuriating because it is clear that the ability to spin a good yarn is there, but it wasn't where it could have and should have been.Saying all that I would def. buy the next book, if there is one, because this author has great potential. So we shall wait and see if he can create and pen the work that is lurking just below the surface of his literary subconscious.