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Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire, #2) - J.R. Rain In this second book in the Samantha Moon series the reader is introduced to the more violent side of Moon. She is taking on one psycho wife beating moron and a ruthless gangster. She finally loses her cool, which begs the question why now and why not sooner.I have a tiny bit of trouble trying to understand why she lets her husband treat her like vermin and lets him get away with destroying her relationship with the children. So on one side you have the tough vampire and on the other, the hold out the other cheek and make sure he slaps it really hard, Samantha Moon. Got to say that really gets my blood boiling and I would take immense pleasure in feeding her hubby to a Hitchcock inspired town full of crazy flesh eating pigeons.Aside from that the story seemed a little unorganised with scenes jumping to and fro now and again, which often made me wonder if I was still reading the same book.However I liked the concept, character and the emotions Rain manages to evoke with his scenarios.