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Into the Mist: Silver Hand - Steve Finegan An epic fantasy that bridges the realms of reality... What an interesting way to combine the world of fantasy and a medical condition like epilepsy. Weaving the two worlds together to the point where neither reader nor character is certain what is reality and what is induced due to his condition. The main character is faced with a new school, home and new situations, which are all things that can create stress and bring on seizures. He meets the girl next door who introduces him to the local legend and area of mystique, which just happens to trigger the awakening of the second world. The book skims the lines between reality and supposed hallucinations, whilst still managing to create a very good fantasy story. The writer also tackles the issue of bullying in school and within the family. I think one of the subplots I liked the most was the division in the house. How the two parents are complete opposite poles when it comes to dealing with their child and his diagnosis and their older son and his behaviour towards his brother. I would recommend this to YA and adult readers that enjoy this type of genre.The writing is very descriptive, beautiful and intricate, perhaps just a little too complicated for the younger reader. Which is why I would love to see this author try his hand at a book that isn't YA. I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.